Do I have to change banks to open an account?

No. Envestim Advisory accounts are designed to supplement your daily checking and savings activities, acting as your mid/long-term investment accounts. Your existing accounts can be linked to Envestim Advisory accounts for easy transfer in and out of your investment accounts.

Can I open a joint account?

Yes. We support joint accounts to allow people to share and contribute to an investment goal. Each account holder has full access to the account with joint ownership of the account assets.

To begin a joint account, each individual must open an individual Envestim Advisory account. One account member will “Open a Joint Account” and send an invitation via email to the other account owner. Once the other individual accepts the invitation, a joint account will be opened.

Is there a minimum balance?

No. Envestim Advisory accounts are designed to help you save for both short and long-term goals, from the beginning.

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