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“I saw the need for something more in the world of online investing that provided a level of service that computers can’t offer, at rates not found in traditional firms.”

– Mickey Welcher, Founder CEO

Envestim Advisory was built on the knowledge of traditional investment advisor, trader, and hedge-fund manager, Mickey Welcher.

Welcher became interested in the markets in 5th grade, when we he opened his first investment account and made his first stock purchase in AT&T. He’s been an avid market participant since.

His market education began as a researcher, first of stocks then company valuations and eventually bonds. From research, Welcher moved to the floor of the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange, where he traded stocks, learning first-hand how the markets operated. This is also when he became interested in exchange technology.

Welcher began privately trading his own money before he was brought in-house as a trader at several firms until 1996, when he started with a hedge fund that specialized in electronic trading. He spent nearly a decade with the fund until he moved to Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor.

Welcher uses his extensive trading background and market experience to help individual investors grow their wealth, a passion since he was 12 years old.


“Markets are volatile and there are times, like 2007, when everything goes down and clients lose money. I do believe in a buy and hold strategy, but with risk management involved to help clients during major market downturns. Making slight changes to a portfolio can help reduce downside risk and reduce portfolio losses.”

– Mickey Welcher, CEO Founder

We monitor for large changes in market direction and economic indicators to help with risk management. With our help, clients can get good returns without taking a large amount of risk.


We know how hard people work for their money and no one wants to lose those funds.

When you work to provide, the last thing you want is to be put into a risky portfolio that can destroy your hard earned wealth.

“I have my money invested the same as I do for my clients. I have a responsibility to help you and will only buy things that I would buy for myself. We are in this together.

My grandfather was a very successful businessman, and he told me something that I will never forget: ‘You only have your reputations, so always be honest.’”

– Mickey Welcher, CEO Founder

We follow this advice today at Envestim Advisory. We believe in treating everyone the same way we want to be treated. When you email us with questions, we want to get you an answer as quickly as possible, especially when it concerns your money.

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